Chafing Dish Heaters

Chafing Dish Heater Type 1 Chafing Dish Heater Type 2
Chafing Dish Heater Type 3


  • Certification :CE certificate,
  • 2. Rating voltage: 220~240V
  • Material: Alu.alloy
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Watt Range of working power of our products: 380W
  • Shape and Size: rectangle shape 200x230mm
  • Watt range of working power of our products:130W,170W,185W,500W,700W.


  • Our product of heating disc has the advantages of safe, green, energy-saving and convenient to installation.
  • It can heat the water in water-pan up to 80~100 celcius degree,and keep the food temperature at 35~50 degree to protect the natural taste of food and nutrition.
  • The electric heating unit fits directly under the water pan, thus ensuring perfect heat transfer.
  • The heat control (without a thermostat) protects the chafing dish from overheating while saving energy.